Non-Jewishness of the Book of Mormon

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"The most common biblical terms used to describe the Old Testament priesthood, temple and appointed feasts, are entirely missing from the Book of Mormon." [1]

"With a moment's reflection, anyone who has read the Book of Mormon will realize it is fundamentally a Christian text. For instance, after being told the Nephites built a temple like Solomon's, we hear nothing of the elaborate ritual sacrifices the temple would have supported, nothing of the observance of the Jewish high feast days, no circumcision of male babies, ritual purity, dietary strictures, or a concern over the correct priestly line. Of the distinctively Jewish religious observances one could think of, the Book of Mormon mentions only the Sabbath, and it is not clear whether it is the Jewish Sabbath. Of three Sabbath references, one occurs in a passage informing us the people 'were called the church of God, or the church of Christ, from that time [145 BCE] forward' (Mosiah 18: 17, 23)." [2]

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