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"Mormon doctrine is an ever changing phenomenon that trying to document it is about as challenging as trying to nail jello to the wall." [1]
"If, after a rigid examination, it be found an imposition, it should be extensively published to the world as such; the evidences and arguments on which the imposture was detected, should be clearly and logically stated, that those who have been sincerely yet unfortunately deceived, may perceive the nature of the deception, and be reclaimed, and that those who continue to publish the delusion, may be exposed and silenced, not by physical force, neither by persecutions, bare assertions, nor ridicule, but by strong and powerful arguments—by evidences adduced from scripture and reason." - Orson Pratt, Divine Authenticity of the Book of Mormon, p. 1
"If faith will not bear to be investigated; if its preachers and professors are afraid to have it examined, their foundation must be very weak." - George A. Smith; 1871, Journal of Discourses, Vol. 14, pg. 216
"If we have the truth, it cannot be harmed by investigation. If we have not the truth, it ought to be harmed." - J. Reuben Clark; D. Michael Quinn, J. Reuben Clark: The Church Years. Provo, Utah: Brigham Young University Press, 1983, p. 24.
". . . convince us of our errors of doctrine, if we have any, by reason, by logical arguments, or by the word of God, and we will be ever grateful for the information, and you will ever have the pleasing reflection that you have been instruments in the hands of God of redeeming your fellow beings from the darkness which you may see enveloping their minds." Orson Pratt; The Seer, 1853, pp 15-16
"This book [The Book of Mormon] is entitled to the most thorough and impartial examination. Not only does the Book of Mormon merit such consideration, its claims, even demand the same." - James E. Talmage, Articles of Faith, pg. 273
"If I state untruths, tell me, and I will consider you my friends, and the friends of this community." - John Taylor, Journal of Discourses 23:64-65
"Mormonism must stand or fall on the story of Joseph Smith. He was either a Prophet of God, divinely called, properly appointed and commissioned or he was one of the biggest frauds this world has ever seen. There is no middle ground. If Joseph was a deceiver, who willfully attempted to mislead people, then he should be exposed, his claims should be refuted, and his doctrines shown to be false..." (Joseph Fielding Smith, Doctrines of Salvation (Salt Lake City: Bookcraft, 1954), vol. 1 pp 188-189)


[edit] Wiki

A wiki is a document collection that uses collaborative software. Within a wiki, you can edit, add, and delete material to help solidify an article. You can also begin new articles, create external links to other helpful websites, and create internal links to articles already created on Theopedia. Wikis are becoming increasingly relevant. While the internet provides unprecedented access to a wide array of information, it can often be hard to sift through, and often lacks peer review. This format provides an answer to both: it has the potential to centralize information and all changes made can be reviewed.

[edit] Vision

Our vision is to provide easy and structured access to relevant information about Mormonism, so that those dealing with the Mormon faith (from within and from without) can spend considerably less time doing the sleuth work of surfing and bookmarking, and more time reading pertinent information, especially primary sources. is not intended to be a comprehensive encyclopedia on Mormonism. Rather, it is intended to provide the kind of relevant information that Christians and ex-Mormons desire to be known about Mormonism. Biblically, it seeks:

[edit] Motivation

Because Mormonism is "an ever changing phenomenon", it is important to know the basics, especially because of their claim to be Christian. Mormon missionaries often do not give the whole truth of Mormon history and theology, and many members are brought into this religion knowing little about what the Mormon church teaches and has historically emphasized. It is the motivation of this wiki to provide that information and to allow the readers to make an educated decision about the Mormon religion, especially the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith upon which it is based.

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The following are examples but are not limited to,

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