Archaeology and the Book of Mormon

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"[T]he evidences which this generation have of the divine authenticity of the Book of Mormon, and of the existence of the plates, are far greater than the evidences which they have for the truth of any of the books of the Bible." -Orson Pratt[1]
"The question of precisely where the events chronicled in the Book of Mormon took place arises naturally since to date neither the record itself nor the Lord through his prophets has revealed its New World setting in terms that permit conclusive linkages to modern-day locales." - The Neal A. Maxwell Institute for Religious Scholarship[2]
"We frankly admit that scientific evidence for the presence on this continent in historic times of a number of domesticated animals is sadly lacking at the present time. This lack of evidence is not one that is fatal to our claims for the Book of Mormon but it is, of course, somewhat disappointing." - Sidney B. Sperry, The Problems of the Book of Mormon[3]

Blake Ostler, a respected Mormon scholar, states that "in my view, there is not and cannot be any [Book of Mormon] archaeology until we find at least one place or object that we can say with some certitude derives from Book of Mormon peoples. We haven’t done so and so I suggest that we stop all of the nonsense about Book of Mormon tours and cruises." [1]

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