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The Bible vs. The Book of Mormon (Google Video)


DNA vs. The Book of Mormon (Google Video)

Lost book of abraham.jpg

The Lost Book of Abraham (YouTube)

Joseph Smith claimed to translate The Book of Abraham from ancient Egyptian papyri. Now that those papyri have been found, can this claim be validated?

The Untold Story of the Death of Joseph Smith (Google Video)

Bill McKeever speaks on the untold story of the death of Joseph Smith. Alternative links: Windows Media, YouTube

Robert Millet speaks to Mission Prep Club (Flash Video)

Robert Millet speaks about how to handle the tough anti-Mormon questions missionaries may face while on their missions or afterward. "We never provide meat when milk will do." "We seek to answer any serious question by finding the most direct route to the Sacred Grove." "Don't answer the question they ask, answer the question they should have asked." Other format: Windows Media

Called to be Free (Google Video)

A former cult rejects its heretical teachings and embraces orthodox Christianity. What implications might this miraculous story have for Mormons?
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The Book of Mormon’s History of Native Americans (YouTube)

The Book of Mormon teaches a Hebrew origin for Native Americans.
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What is DNA? (YouTube)

Learn about DNA and how it relates to the Book of Mormon.
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Scientists Address Challenges to DNA Evidence (YouTube)

The scientists themselves answer many common challenges.
  • Part 1 - "Haplogroup X shows a connection between Israel and American Indians."
  • Part 2 - "We do not know exactly what the genes of Lehi and his family were, therefore we cannot prove that Native Americans are not his descendants."
  • Part 3 and Part 4 - "The historical account in the Book of Mormon happened on a small scale. Lehi and his family only made a small contribution to the gene pool of American Indians."
  • Part 5 and Part 6 - "Israel is on the Asian Continent, therefore Hebrews are Asians."
  • Part 7 - "There is another group claiming they have a Hebrew lineage."
  • Part 8, Part 9, and Part 10 - The Research (origin of Native Americans)
  • Part 11 and Part 12 - Dealing with the evidence
Rob sivulka.jpg

Suffering and Joy in Evangelizing Mormons (Google Video)

Rob Sivulka encourages Christians to be radical like Christ in their life and ministry to Mormons. MP3 also available here. [1]

Does Mormonism Worship the God of the Bible? (YouTube)

This debate, held September 29, 2006, at the University of Utah, was over whether Mormonism worships the God of the Bible. The participants were Jason Wallace and Allen Richardson. Mr. Wallace is pastor of Christ Presbyterian Church in Salt Lake City. Mr. Richardson served an LDS mission in New Zealand and has held many other church callings, including the high council, bishopric, stake mission president, and is presently serving as an LDS high priest group leader. He is the co-author of the two-volume set, 1000 Evidences for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

JP Moreland Speaks on Classic Mormon Materialism

JP Moreland speaks on classic Mormon materialism, particularly that which was articulated by Orson Pratt.
South park.jpg

South Park on Mormonism (YouTube)

The show is characteristicly raunchy, but this particular clip has helped expose many to unfavorable, oft-whitewashed, conveniently overlooked truths. John Dehlin, a Mormon, writes that South Park is a "place where many Mormons first learn about the historically-supported mechanics of the Book of Mormon translation process" ([1]).
God makers.jpg

The God Makers (YouTube)

This was the first Mormonism-exposing movie to make waves. While it is true that many things in it are no longer taught or emphasized in modern day Mormonism (and that the sequel was embarrassingly bad), much of it remains helpful as a good overview of early Mormonism. John Dehlin, a Mormon, writes, "Is there anything in this video that you were not taught growing up in the church? For me, pretty much everything I heard in the video (except for Christ marrying 3 women while on earth) is something I was definitely taught growing up, or at least heard as quoted by a General Authority." [2]

Welcome to the Streets of Manti (Google Video)

A video showing how amazing it is to witness to Mormons at the Mormon Miracle Pageant.

[edit] Testimonies (YouTube)

Zach collier.jpg

Zach Collier



Mitzy nelson.jpg

Mitzy Nelson

Tricia lynn burton.jpg

Tricia Lynn Burton

Mark champneys.jpg

Mark Champneys

Angela haisten.jpg

Angela Haisten

James dorrough.jpg

James Dorrough

Ginny and bud gundersen.jpg

Ginny and Bud Gundersen

Blaine hunsaker.jpg

Blaine Hunsaker

Sean milner.jpg

Sean Milner

Judy hartvigsen.jpg

Judy Hartvigsen

Cashae gibb.jpg

Cashae Gibb

Lakan gibb.jpg

LaKan Gibb

Tyrone ioane.jpg

Tyrone Ioane



Gabriel williams.jpg

Gabriel Williams


Carma Naylor (MP3)

[edit] Audio

Grant palmer.jpg

Interview with Grant Palmer (MP3), by John Dehlin

This is part three of a four-part interview, and covers "Joseph Smith's treasure seeking and usage of peep stones, the actual mechanics of the Book of Mormon translation process, the recorded accounts of the witnesses to the Book of Mormon, the multiple versions of Joseph Smith’s First Vision story, and the evolution of the LDS Priesthood accounts over time." [3]
Bill mckeever.jpg

LDS Forgiveness: Now, Later, or Ever? (MP3), by Bill McKeever [2]

Bill mckeever.jpg

Examining Proof Texts (MP3), by Bill McKeever

Keith walker.jpg

God is Not a Man (MP3), by Keith Walker [3]

Keith walker.jpg

Impossible Gospel (MP3), by Keith Walker


Things to Say to Freak Out Mormons (MP3), by Becky Walker [4]


Talking to the LDS Woman (MP3), by Becky Walker

Timothy oliver.jpg

Sharing the Faith With Mormons (MP3), by Timothy Oliver [5]

Ravi zacharias.jpg

Jesus as the Way, the Truth, and the Life (MP3), by Ravi Zacharias

Delivered at the Mormon Tabernacle in Salt Lake City on November 14th, 2004.

Walter Martin Debates Mormon Apologist, Van Hale (Windows Media)

Kuer logo 120t.jpg

RadioWest Interview: Mormonism and Pop Culture (Featuring South Park) (MP3)

Issues, Etc..jpg

Mormonism & Fuller Theological Seminary (MP3)

Interview with Rich Abanes

[edit] Christian podcasts


Way of the Master Radio (MP3s), with Todd Friel

John piper.jpg

Desiring God Radio (MP3s), with John Piper

Rc sproul.jpg

Renewing Your Mind (MP3s), with R.C. Sproul

[edit] Specific to Mormonism

Living truth logo.jpg

Living Truth Podcast (MP3s), with Eric Hoffman

[edit] Narrated slideshow

John dehlin.jpg

Why People Leave The LDS Church, And What We Can Do About It, by John Dehlin

A Mormon, Dehlin is very revealing of the attitude of many Mormons who prioritize feelings and tradition over truth. His basic motto: Forget truth, do what feels right.

[edit] Notes

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