Kevin Barney

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Kevin Barney is a Mormon apologist associated with FAIR.

"This is why I personally am not a fan of the Church’s “we don’t know” apologetic. The idea is that over time the old ideas will die. But “we don’t know” leaves too many people in backwaters of the Church thinking that the curse of Cain was, and therefore is, solid doctrine. I personally would rather bite the bullet and say it was a(n understandable at the time) culturally conditioned mistake. Supposedly we don’t believe in prophetic infallibility, but even so we’re loath to acknowledge that in specific cases. Still, to me this is a case where it would be worth it to spend some theological capital and cop to a mistake. If we don’t do that, this kind of thing will continue to pop up here and there for decades."

"It’s not really true that our church organization mirrors that of the Church circa Acts."

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