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Bruce R. McConkie

Bruce R. McConkie (July 29, 1915–April 19, 1985) was a general authority of the Church. Born in Monticello, Utah, he grew up in a Mormon home. He later went on a mission to the Eastern States from 1934-1936, and eventually Married Amelia Smith with whom he had nine children.

McConkie was ordained to the Seventy and called to the First Council of the Seventy in 1946. He served this position until 1972. During that time he was also President of the Australia South Mission from 1961-1964. In 1972 McConkie was ordained an Apostle and sustained to the Twelve Apostles. He served in this position until his death in 1985.

McConkie's father-in-law was President Joseph Fielding Smith, from whom is "said to have spoken of Elder McConkie that he was the greatest theologian of his generation in the Church". [1]


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Mormon Doctrine, which has become a classic reference for English-speaking Latter-day Saints, is considered particularly controversial by critics outside and even within the LDS Church. The book has been criticized by some, including former church president David O. McKay and the First Presidency of the church, for containing much information that is not, in fact, "doctrine." Many doctrinal subjects are addressed, but many entries in Mormon Doctrine address, in authoritative tone, topics that some consider to be LDS customs, folk traditions, doctrinal interpretations, and McConkie's personal opinions. However, Mormon Doctrine is still widely cited in LDS curriculum materials, LDS church magazine artilces, and conference addresses by General Authorities of the LDS church.

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