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[edit] Criticisms

[edit] Response by "jmordecai"

One poster on MDDB made the following criticisms:

1. For Bountiful to work first requires that the Jews survived seven years crossing the Empty Quarter from NHM, wherever that was...
2. Photos provided by Aston & Aston (a married amateur couple) are touted by apologists websites, but they do not tell the whole story. The southern Dhofar region does not produce suitable tree growth to construct a transoceanic vessel.
"The largest trees of Dhofar... all produce a wood that is too soft, heavy, and porous to withstand the rigors of a transoceanic crossing... I would suggest caution in accepting this conclusion for two reasons. First, the adjectives tall, native, and hardwood are rather subjective and in many cases questionable. I personally would not use such terms to describe the trees now growing in the area..."
Terry Ball, Prof. BYU, Archaeobotanist, Journal of the Book of Mormon, Vol. 18, Iss. 1, p.56-57
3. 1 Ne. 17:6 says that they called the place Bountiful because of its much fruit. I haven't seen any proposed locations that provide a compelling case for "much fruit".
4. Most photos provided of proposed locations in the Southern Dhofar region were taken during the Monsoon season (late June to October) which of course causes the vegetation to green. For four months of the year the region has that lush green tropical paradise appearance. What you don't see are photos of the region during the other eight months, it's a stark contrast. You can find these on Google Earth.

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