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The Mormon afterlife is to be understood as the doctrine of what happens after one dies. The issues involved are very complicated, ranging from the salvation and evangelizing of the dead to the question of 'what is necessary to attain the celestial kingdom'.

"Heaven" in Mormonism is spoken of as three different "kingdoms" - the Celestial, Terrestrial, and Telestial.

"Hell" in Mormonism is sometimes referred to as outer darkness, other times as a temporary spirit prison, and other times even as the state of suffering and regret in the Telestial and Terrestrial kingdoms.


[edit] Telestial Kingdom

Murderers, other criminals, and the like who do not accept the Atonement of Jesus Christ will eventually spend eternity with people of like intent in the Telestial Kingdom, and their glory will be as that of the stars in the night sky. This is also considered a kingdom of glory and has been described as being much better than earthly life. All those who do not qualify for a higher degree of glory will automatically enter this kingdom unless they deny the Holy Ghost, a sin it is believed very few people are able to commit.

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[edit] Terrestrial Kingdom

Those good people who are not valiant in following Jesus or who do not accept the Gospel do not qualify for exaltation and will be consigned to the Terrestrial Kingdom (whose glory is compared to the brightness of the moon in the sky). This kingdom is one of great glory, but without the presence of God the Father. An ultimate willingness to keep the "law of carnal commandments" (the Ten Commandments) is considered essential to enter this kingdom.

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[edit] Celestial Kingdom

The Celestial Kingdom (whose glory is compared to the brightness of the sun in the sky, as its inhabitants have all truth and light) is where the righteous will live with God and with their families. Those who have had the ordinances of eternal marriage, which is performed in Temples, and baptism may be exalted if they are found worthy by God. Accountable individuals must be baptized and repent to gain entrance to the Celestial Kingdom; Latter-day Saints profess that all children who die before the age of accountability automatically inherit a celestial glory.

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[edit] Outer darkness

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