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"If belief in the Book of Mormon was a prerequisite to joining the Church, it was a belief in the book's divine origin rather than the doctrinal content of the book. The Book of Mormon taught nothing different from what early 19th-century religious seekers would have already been familiar with. The theology of the Book of Mormon was monotheistic. Early Mormon theology then would not have been unique in comparison to other beliefs of the day." -Kurt Widmer, Mormonism and the Nature of God: A Theological Evolution, 1830-1915

[edit] Does the Book of Mormon reflect modern Mormonism?

When the Book of Mormon doctrine is compared to the official and historical doctrine of Mormonism it is interesting to note that very little is found in common. It is true that the Mormon canon is much larger than just the Book of Mormon, but this is not the problem. The issue is that Mormon missionaries, including those who are not on their mission, explain that the Book of Mormon holds all the doctrines of the gospel. Rarely will one find Mormons emphasizing or promoting the Doctrine and Covenants, Book of Abraham, or the Book of Moses in order to study and evaluate the Mormon faith. Oddly enough, most of the distinct and "Mormon" doctrines are found outside of the Book of Mormon. The following list will provide such information.

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