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Mormonism denies that God has any incommunicable attributes. In other words, Mormonism teaches that there is no attribute of God that humanity cannot fully share. The Mormon doctrine of God finds little unique about himself. For Mormons, we should worship God, not because he alone possesses that which makes him God (i.e., divine attributes), but because he happens to be our literal Father.

Mormons would readily admit that God is "all-powerful", "all-knowing", and "everywhere-present", but use radically content behind the terms.[1]


[edit] Omnipotence

God, in Mormonism, does not have power of all other god-beings.

[edit] Omnipresence

According to Mormonism, God is finite and can be located within space and time.

[edit] Omniscience

According to Mormonism, God was not always all-knowing. He had to learn. Most Mormons affirm that God knows everything now, but this isn't as significant as it is in traditional Christianity, because what God knows is finite.

[edit] Jealousy

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[edit] Notes

  1. Unfortunately, many Mormons will use these terms without informing the listener of the newly supplied meanings (cf. Lying for the Lord).

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